Lake Haven Battery Project: Highlighting Expertise and Client Benefits

System size:

MSB 2: EVO Power NEO 500kW/1MWh BESS

MSB 3: EVO Power NEO+ 800kW/1.5MWh BESS

The Goal

At ASENO, we take complete ownership of your clean energy projects.  For Lake Haven, we were entrusted with the entire design and construction process, handling every aspect from the ground up.

The Solution

Grid Applications and DNSP Liaison:

We navigated the complexities of grid interconnection and ensured seamless communication with the Distribution Network Service Provider (DNSP).


Product Integration:

Our team expertly integrated Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) with the existing electrical infrastructure, ensuring optimal functionality.


Engineering and Procurement:

Our engineers designed the end-to-end system, and our procurement specialists sourced the necessary high-quality equipment.


Construction and Commissioning:

We oversaw the entire construction process, ensuring the ‘safe. on time. first time’ installation and commissioning of the BESS systems.

Overcoming Challenges, Delivering Smart Energy Solutions

On the Lake Haven Project, we faced a hurdle: integrating a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) into a facility with limited breaker availability, but our team thrives on innovation. We devised an innovative solution to disconnect a specific panel (PVDB2) and integrate the new BESS control panel (DB1) seamlessly with the existing switchboard (MSB2). We then redirected power flow back to PVDB2. A similar approach was used at MSB3, where we replaced the entire switchboard to ensure correct breaker capacity and routed power back from the new board to the existing one (renamed MDB3).

More Than Just Installation: Financial and Environmental Advantages

These BESS systems are designed to empower your business. By storing solar energy during off-peak hours, you can leverage tariff arbitrage to reduce electricity costs during peak periods. This not only saves you money but also optimises renewable energy use, minimising reliance on the grid and lowering your carbon footprint. Additionally, participation in the FCAS market creates new revenue streams while contributing to grid stability. It’s a win-win for your wallet and the environment.

Our Expertise: Solving Complexities, Delivering Large-Scale Results

Innovative Problem-Solving

Our team doesn't shy away from challenges. At Lake Haven, we implemented unique strategies to integrate BESS systems despite limited breaker availability.

Electrical Infrastructure Know-How

Our deep understanding of electrical systems ensures seamless BESS integration without compromising functionality or safety.

Large-Scale Project Capacity

We successfully designed and installed 500kW/1MWh and 800kW/1.5MWh BESS systems, showcasing our ability to handle significant energy solutions.

Lake Haven Battery Project

Let us help you achieve your smart energy goals.