Off Grid Solutions

Off Grid Solutions

ASENO delivers clean, reliable power for your off-grid needs. We specialise in designing and installing solar & battery-powered solutions for the civil and construction industry, from secure site compounds to remote pump stations. But that’s not all! ASENO extends its expertise to sales centers, residential properties, and commercial buildings, ensuring sustainable energy access no matter your location.

Our Capabilities

At ASENO, we understand the unique challenges of operating off the grid.  Whether you’re at a construction site, managing a sales center, or seeking self-sufficiency for your property, we design and install customised renewable energy systems to meet your specific needs.


Solar Power Systems: Harnesses the sun’s energy to generate clean, reliable electricity for your operations.


Battery Storage: Ensures consistent power availability, even during extended periods without sunlight.


System Design & Engineering: Our experienced team tailors a system to your exact power requirements and budget.


Project Management & Installation: We handle everything from permitting to installation and ongoing maintenance.


With ASENO off-grid solutions, you unlock a world of environmental responsibility, reliable power, and the freedom to operate on your own terms.  Experience the benefits of clean, sustainable energy – contact us today.

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