Community Energy Network

Community Energy Networks

Sustainability isn’t a tagline – it’s a necessity. ASENO helps developments make it a reality with Community Energy Networks (CENs). Imagine your development with clean energy generated by rooftop solar, shared through a smart microgrid. Residents and Tenants become empowered producers, saving on bills and boosting your project’s eco-appeal.


We offer client-focused solutions, tailoring CENs to your needs. Greenfield or existing community, we seamlessly integrate solar panels, battery storage, and smart technology for reliable, independent power

Our Solutions

Imagine your development, commercial or residential sharing renewable energy, cutting costs, and boosting energy independence. CENs do just that by installing solar panels, batteries, and smart meters, creating mini-grids within existing infrastructure. This allows communities to:


Generate their own clean energy: CENs prioritise renewable sources like solar, reducing reliance on fossil fuels and carbon emissions.


Benefit from shared power: Members pool their energy, often leading to lower electricity bills and greater price stability.


Build local resilience: CENs boost energy security by providing backup power during outages and creating more efficient systems.


Empower communities: Local residents have a say in how their energy is produced and used, fostering a sense of ownership and sustainability.


Empower your community. Community Energy Networks (CENs) also known as embedded network microgrids provide the ability for residents to generate, share, and manage clean energy, saving on bills and boosting sustainability. Imagine lower costs, energy independence, and a thriving, eco-conscious community powered by the sun. CENs: Green choice, smart investment, future-proof living.

Cost Savings

Energy Independence

Environmental Sustainability

Community Engagement and Empowerment