Rathdowne Solstice: Partnering Villawood Properties to build a more Sustainable Future

Imagine a community powered by clean energy, where residents actively contribute to a greener tomorrow. That’s the reality we helped create at Rathdowne Solstice, a groundbreaking development by our trusted partner, Villawood Properties.  As their EPCM partner (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, and Management), ASENO played a pivotal role in delivering a state-of-the-art community microgrid solution.

A Collaborative Vision for Sustainability

Villawood Properties sought a partner who could deliver a comprehensive clean energy solution for Rathdowne Solstice. We were a perfect match.  By leveraging our expertise in microgrid design and implementation, we collaborated closely with Villawood to create a sustainable future for residents.

The Heart of the System: A Powerful Microgrid

The centrepiece of Rathdowne Solstice is a robust microgrid system.

  • A 70.3 kW Solar Array: This solar powerhouse generates clean energy to meet the community’s needs, reducing reliance on traditional power sources.
  • A 100 kW/275 kWh Battery Energy Storage System: Excess solar energy is stored in this high-capacity battery, ensuring a reliable power source even during outages.

Empowering Residents: Shared Solar and Community Battery

Taking sustainability a step further, we equipped 36 townhouses with individual, smaller solar systems. These systems connect directly to the community battery, creating a collaborative energy ecosystem.  Surplus energy generated by individual homes can be stored in the community battery, then shared amongst neighbours. This innovative approach fosters a spirit of community coupled with environmental responsibility.

The Benefits are Abundant

This project exemplifies the same core capabilities we deliver on every project.

EPCM Expertise

We provide a comprehensive service, managing the entire project lifecycle from design and procurement to construction and commissioning.

Advanced Technology

We integrate cutting-edge microgrid technology for optimised energy management, maximising efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the entire community.

Customised Solutions

We tailor microgrids to each community's unique needs and energy landscape. At Rathdowne Solstice, the shared solar and community battery model fostered a collaborative and sustainable environment.

Optimisation Strategies

Our expertise extends to strategies like shared storage and self-consumption, maximising renewable energy use and minimising environmental impact.

Building a Brighter future, Together

The Rathdowne Solstice microgrid isn’t just about generating clean energy; it’s about building a sustainable future, together.  Partner with ASENO and create a thriving community powered by clean energy solutions. Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can turn your vision into reality.