UCS Group’s Pakenham Industrial Facility: A Showcase of Sustainability, Innovation, and Cost Savings

At ASENO, we believe in leading by example. During the construction of our new Pakenham office, in collaboration with our parent company UCS Group, we set out to achieve three key objectives.

The Goal

Showcase Expertise:

This project served as a platform to demonstrate our industry-leading capabilities in clean energy solutions.


Drive Sustainability:

Environmental responsibility is paramount at ASENO. We aimed to implement a system that would significantly reduce our reliance on the grid and minimise our carbon footprint.


Achieve Cost Savings:

By integrating a smart microgrid system, we sought to optimise energy use and generate long-term cost benefits for our business, including being able to run the whole facility off grid.

Taking Ownership: From Design to Commissioning

We played a comprehensive role in bringing this vision to life.

Designed the PV System and Battery Storage

We calculated and designed the optimal solar photovoltaic (PV) system and battery storage solution to meet our energy needs.

Collaborated with Technology Partners

To create the best possible microgrid architecture, we partnered with leading technology providers, ensuring seamless integration and advanced functionality.

Installed the Systems

Our skilled technicians handled the complete installation process, ensuring all components were securely and precisely placed.

Commissioned the Systems

We oversaw the final testing and commissioning phase, guaranteeing every element of the microgrid functioned flawlessly.

The Power of a Microgrid: Efficiency at its Finest

The centre piece of this project is a cutting-edge microgrid system we designed and installed. This intelligent setup features:

  • A robust 176 kW solar array, generating clean energy to power our operations.


  • A reliable 125 kW/250 kWh battery energy storage system (BESS), storing excess solar energy for use during peak demand periods or power outages.


  • Two x dual EV chargers, promoting sustainable transportation for our employees.

A Symphony of Intelligence: Optimisation at Your Fingertips

The mastermind behind this microgrid is a Schneider microgrid controller. This advanced technology constantly analyses data, forecasts production and consumption, and fine-tunes  everything – from solar output to battery usage to EV charging – to minimise energy costs and maximise efficiency.

Putting You in Control: Advanced Features for Real-World Benefits

UCS’ Pakenham microgrid boasts several advanced features that deliver tangible benefits.

Remote Monitoring and Forecasting

Gain real-time insights with 15-minute data refresh, anticipate energy needs, and compare forecasts to reality. Track costs, savings, and earnings – all from the comfort of your device.

Tariff Management

The system adapts to electricity rates, automatically adjusting energy use to reduce costs or boost production during peak periods. This ensures occupant comfort while keeping expenses low.

Peak Load Shaving

The microgrid actively manages energy consumption to minimise peak demand charges, saving you money on your energy bills.

Seamless Off-Grid Mode

Weather forecasts are analysed to predict potential power outages within a 3-hour window. If a storm is likely, the system prioritises energy storage to ensure maximum backup power before islanding (disconnecting from the grid).

Self-Consumption Mode

This mode prioritises using your own solar energy, maximising local consumption while intelligently selling excess power back to the grid when storage is full.

UCS Pakenham: A Model for the Future

UCS Pakenham stands as a testament to ASENO’s expertise in clean energy solutions.  This innovative microgrid system not only showcases our capabilities but also serves as a model for sustainable, cost-effective industrial buildings of the future.

Let us help you design a microgrid system that empowers your business towards a greener and more efficient tomorrow. Contact us today!